Bridging visa application arrangements

Legislative Instrument – IMMI 16/014 – F2016L00642 – Migration Regulations 1994 – Specification of Arrangements for Applications for Bridging Visas 2016/014, adds Forms 157G, 157A (Internet) and 157G (Internet) to the specified internet and paper forms, and the place and manner for making applications for Bridging visas.

The Instrument specifies the approved forms for Regulations:

  • 1301(1) – Bridging A (Class WA)
  • 1302(1) – Bridging B (Class WB)
  • 1303(1) – Bridging C (Class WC)
  • 1304(1) – Bridging D (Class WD)
  • 1305(1) – Bridging E (Class WE)
  • 1306(1) – Bridging F (Class WF)


The Instrument also specifies in Item 3, that the required place and manner for making an application, is at the same place and on the same form, as making the relevant substantive visa application for Regulations 1301(3)(a), 1302(3)(a), 13033)(a), 1304(3)(a), 1305(3)(a), 1306(3)(a).

In circumstances other than those specified in Item 3, the application must be made at an office of immigration in Australia, but not in immigration clearance.

This Instrument revokes IMMI 15/044 and commences on 1 July 2016.