Child Visas – Subclasses, forms and manner of application – and adoptions from Pakistan

Legislative Instrument – IMMI 16/051 – F2016L01389 – Migration Regulations 1994 – Specification of Arrangements for Child Visa Applications.   This Instrument makes changes to the current arrangements for the validity and application processes for child visas. The Instrument has two important parts:


The Instrument specifies that applicants for:

  • Class AH, Subclass 102 (Adoption) visas, that seek to meet Sch 2, subclause 102.211 (2), AND subparagraph 1108(3)(c), and 1108(3)(c)(iii) of Sch 1, or
  • Class BT, Subclass 802 (Child) visas, that seek to meet Sch 2, subclause 802.213(5), AND subparagraph 1108A(3)(f)(iii) of Sch 1,

are not valid applications if the applicant claims to have been adopted in the specified overseas country(ies) at the specified particular time(s). The Instrument specifies any adoptions in Pakistan.



The Instrument also specifies under Subregulation 2.07(5), for subitems 1108(1) and 1108A(1), and for paragraphs 1108(3)(a) and 1108A(3)(a) of Schedule 1 to the Regulations, the visa subclasses, the forms and the place and manner of applying as listed in the following table:

The Instrument also specifies under Subregulation 2.07(5), for subitem 1211(1) and paragraph 1211(3)(a) of Schedule 1 to the Regulations, the subclasses, form, place and manner of making applications listed in the following table:

This Instrument revokes IMMI 15/136 (F2015L01963)

This Instrument commenced on 05 September 2016.