South Australia state nomination applications – update

Immigration SA has asked the MIA to provide the following message.  Members should be aware that from 16 June 2016 the mistakes or omissions discussed below will result in refusal of applications and the $200 fee will not be refunded.


South Australian state nomination applications – why we need correct client and agent contact information

Dear Migration Agent,

We are writing to you as there are some common mistakes or omissions occurring in General Skilled Migration (GSM) state nomination applications.  This email has important information to help you make a valid application (i.e. avoid a refusal), and in turn, help your clients.

Some migration agents do not provide their client’s email address in the application form and some do not list their own agent details.

It is important for us to have your client’s contact details, so that we can communicate with them after their visa grant, including for example:

How to register their arrival in South Australia

Request their attendance at our monthly information session for new arrivals

Request their participation in employment/settlement surveys

Communicate various South Australian Government support services, including employment support and services provided by Specialist Migrant Services.

Immigration SA requirements
The following requirements have always applied for the online application form:

Your client’s email address needs to be recorded in the “Main Applicant Details” section

The Migration Agent details need to be completed if an agent is acting on behalf of an applicant.

Please note: Immigration SA will always contact the Migration Agent directly for any questions related to processing and finalising an application.

Where necessary, Immigration SA will check the validity of contact information supplied.

From 13 April 2016, this will be a mandatory requirement, but we will provide a two-month grace period, where we will advise of the mistake by email and allow correction. 

From 13 June 2016, the mentioned mistakes/omissions will result in application refusal and the $200 application fee will not be refunded.